SAT-29546.jpg SATA Spray Equipment
SATAJet RP Digital Gravity Feed High Pressure Spray Gun - 1.3mm
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Digital inlet pressure measurement:
No need for a bulky external air micormeter with gauge at gun
Allows for extact setting of inlet pressure for perfect finish results
Gun washer safe
High working speed of the 'classic' high pressure spray gun and the outstanding economy of a HVLP gun.
Tuneable for painter's preference, type of object and paint system used.
Can be used for all types of paint but is especially suited for clearcoats and single stage paints that contain a large amount of solids (high solids paints).
While not HVLP, it provides at least 65% transfer efficiency.
Includes 1.0 liter aluminum cup with cover
Forged aluminum body, V4A stainless steel needle and fluid tip, solvent resistant Teflon packing seals.
Variable fan control and built-in air micrometer
10.3 cfm at 29 psi inlet pressure