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Battery & Electrical System Tester - 500 Amp Load with Stand
Order# ASO6042

$1972,00  The price in Kiev!
Designed with highest quality and versatility in mind. Interprets data from charging/starting system on easy to read LED display voltmeter and ammeter. Also shows +/- amps for easy diagnosis of current leakage problems. The 500 amp, carbon pile variable load capability, provides accurate load testing for up to 1,000 CCA batteries. A great time-saver for testing electrical systems on 12, 12/24 and 24 volt vehicles.

Extra Safety Features:
Coated circuit board prevents damage and meter inaccuracy due to moisture and dirt
Circuits protected against reverse voltage due to incorrect hook-up
"Load-On" light indicates the load is activated
Defective diode indicator warns alternator output diodes or GM diode trio has gone bad.

Other Features:
Easy to read LED ammeter and voltmeter
500 amp safety clamps
Heavy-duty 'seperate' leads for testing up to 15' apart
Inductive pick-up included
Convenient heavy-duty chrome plated stand with wide wheel base, locking wheels and bottom tray
Video manual with step-by-step instructions included

Load: 500 amp
Ammeter: 0-999 Amps
Voltmeter: 0-32.0 volts DC
Leads: 8' (4 AWG) 500 Amp