SR-8002.jpg Sheffield Research/GTC
Cordless 3-28 Volt DC Professional Circuit Tester
Order# SR 8002

$36,00  The price in Kiev!
Rugged Solid State electronic voltage detector. Needs no wire or clip connector to ground. Safe around automotive micro-comuters.
Simple to Use:
Hold tester in one hand and place other hand on bare metal (grounded) part of vehicle.
Place the tester point onto connector or through insulation of wire to be tested.
The 8002 will light, sound and vibrate when positive voltage (hot wire) is detected.
V-Groove needle accessory prevents the tester point from side-slipping when piercing wire's insulation, and can be removed for testing hard to reach places.
Technical Specifications:
No ground wire or clip required.
1Ohms minimum input impedance, current draw of 20 microamps at 24 volts.
Operates on DC voltages between 3 and 28 volts.
Light, buzzer and vibration indicator.
Stainless steel construction.
Long life size "N" alkaline batteries included. Duracell type MN9100.
Solid State lamp for lifetime lasting performance.
5.75"L x 0.625"DIA.