STE-6800.jpg Steelman
EngineEarII Electronic Stethoscope with Decibel Meter
Order# STE6800

$210,50  The price in Kiev!
Decibel meter allows you to pin-point noise source with greater ease
Seven sound level control settings - 60dB to 120dB
A-B Tone control setting
Battery check (includes 9 volt battery)
Inductive metal probe included
Flexible shaft reaches the tightest areas
Non-conductive coating will not ZAP expensive computer circuitry
Ultra sensitive mic & amplifier give full range of sound need by professional
No distortion or unwanted sounds bleed in
Quality padded headphones
Quickly pin-points noise and location of bad bearings, bushings, dirty fuel injectors, wind and air leaks, noisy valves and lifters.
Comes in molded, fitted case