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Fuel Injection Pressure Tester
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This tester determines If the fuel pressure regulator needs adjusting or replacing. It will allow the mechanic to adjust it to the correct pressure If its is adjustable. It will also tell If other components are bad, such as fuel pump, filter, etc.
Has everything to test the following systems: American Motors; Bosch AFC, MPC Euro & Japanese (except C.I.S.); Chrysler Corp.; Ford Motor Co.; GM (except T.B.I); Japanese fuel injection systems. Also works with others using Bendix-type fuel injection or Schrader-type valve, including the small Scrader valve found on both T.B.I. and Multi-Port Fuel Injection systems found on Ford products.
Dual scale 2-1/2" gauge, 100 PSI and 7 kg/cm2
Comes in heavy vinyl pouch with instructions and specifications