TA-28000.jpg Tool Aid
Heavy Duty Automotive Logic Probe
Order# TA 28000

$43,95  The price in Kiev!
A modern circuit tester with time tested durability. Quickly and safely tests high and low voltages (power and ground) on all vehicle circuit, including computerized engine and body controls.
Features include:
• Tests high and low voltages (power and ground) on 6, 12 and 24 volt systems.
• High impedance; current draw less than 18 milliamps to protect sensitive electronic sensors, microprocessors, electronic ignition components and air bags.
• Dual color LED indicates red for power (high) and green for ground (low).
• 6' of heavy duty, 18 gage dual leads with large battery clips for easy hook-up.
• Leads can be attached regardless of polarity.
• Extra long, 7" insulated probe tests hard-to-reach circuits.
• Includes Protect-A-Terminalฎ, Probe Adapter to prevent damage to electrical connectors.
• Can be used as a standard , single lead circuit tester.
• Instructions included.