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A/C Dual Gas Charging/Recovery Meter
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$795.00  The price in Kiev!
Looking for an easy, no hassle, automatic, and programmable multi-gas charging/recovery meter? Look no more, this Dual Solenoid Electronic Charging Meter allows you to quickly and efficiently charge non-compatible refrigerants (new and old refrigerants) without the chance of cross contamination. High resolution enables precise charging for optimum economy and system performance. A durable "Load Cell" mechanism is built into the unit to withstand rugged field use and ensure performance longevity. This meter is sure to meet both your present and future needs.
Programmable: allows the user to preset amount for automatic charge/recovery.
Hold and Power Alert features.
UL Listed
Keypad controls
Accessory outlet
Separate charging ports for non-compatible compounds (e.g. R12,R134a)
One year warranty
Range: 0 to 150 lbs. (0 to 68kg)
Resolution: 0.5 oz (10 grams)
Accuracy: +/- 2% of RDG or 1/2 oz whichever is greater.