FLU-65.jpg Fluke
Infrared Thermometer - 65
Order# FLU65

$433,90  The price in Kiev!
Just press the green button and the instrument comes alive. Targeting objects is easy with the bright laser beam. Even in the dark, the display is simple to read with the quality backlit screen. After the measurement is done, you can scroll through the dual display to review the MIN / MAX values. The advanced microprocessor even allows you to save a temperature into memory for later reference!
Rugged electronics and case with holster
Bright laser beam provides easy targeting
Large dual display LCD display clearly supplies data at a glance
0.1 resolution up to 200 (1 resolution above 200)
Quality backlight illuminates the screen in the dark
MIN/MAX provides the variation in any measurement
Store and recall any single temperature
Automatic sleep mode after 15 seconds extends battery life
Alkaline batteries provide over 4000 typical measurements
Includes C50 soft carrying case, batteries and instruction sheet