HOP-82006.jpg Hoppy
Vision1 Optical Headlamp Aimer System
Order# HOP82006

$4,516.67  The price in Kiev!
Aims quickly: Beat flat-rate time and increase profits.
Displays actual beam pattern: Accurate to one tenth of an inch.
The aim window can be set precisely to meet state regulations.
Versatile: Up to 30 aim bay settings can be entered and saved, greatly speed of set-up when moved from bay to bay.
The new pointer method simplifies vehicle alignment, especially on large SUVs, trucks and buses.
On-screen instructions and toll-free hotline make the Vision1 very easy to use; anyone on staff can aim with expert results.
Optional Printer: The Vision1 is the only aimer available with a printer option (Hoppy No. 82060 Printer Module) to provide documentation before and after aim.