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Cure-Tek Short Wave Curing System - 2000 Watt
Order# HS S2000A

$1.080.00  The price in Kiev!
Short Wave tungsten halogen tube gives the quickest overall results of all current curing systems
Short wave cures from the panel surface out
Easy lock slider adjuster makes raising/lowering head a snap. No tools, knobs or springs to deal with. Adjusts from rocker to roof height.
Comes with dual timers for better control - one for flash-off, one for curing
Lamp head rotates for vertical or horizontal operation
2000 watts of short wave curing power cuts curing time from hours to just minutes!
Recommended technology to cure the latest automotive finishes - including waterborne finishes
Locking casters are standard, lamp is portable to any part of the shop
Single head lamp produces - 2'6" x 3' curing area
120V, 16.6 Amps