IR-111.jpg Ingersoll-Rand
Knuckle Saver™ 3/8" Super Duty Reactionless Air Ratchet Wrench
Order# IR 111

$345.75  The price in Kiev!
• This revolutionary Reactionless Ratchet™ has a unique reactionless mechanism. It makes gearing unnecessry and it absorbs kicjback when the nut runs tight.
• The fastest ratchet you can buy
• Up to 50 ft.-lbs. maximum torque
• Rear exhaust direct air away from work
• External grease fitting

Working torque: 10-50 ft.-lb.(14-68 Nm)
Maximum torque: 50 ft.-lb.
Free speed: 3000 RPM
Weight: 2.7 lb. (1.22 kg)
Length: 10.5" (267 mm)
Average air consumption: 4 cfm, 12 cfm @ load
Sound (pressure/power): 89.6/102.6 dBA
Air inlet NPTF: 1/4"